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Computers are everywhere.

Soon, every job will involve computers, but not everyone will know how they work. Inside those magical machines is a whole slew of logic and rules and commands that, in many ways, guide the future of our world.

If your student learns the language of the computers, they’ll have a special place in the world of tomorrow, whether or not they go on to become professional programmers. Since computer programming teaches critical thinking skills, learning it benefits everyone, not just computer people.

Give your student my programming secrets.

My goal as a teacher is to take the secrets and lessons I’ve learned over my years of professional programming and pass them on to the next generation. I started programming at 12, and I’ve been a professional software developer since 2011.

The thing is, most of the important secret techniques of computer programming are techniques any 12 year old can master. Things like naming your variables well and thinking through your actions before you do them. Your student shouldn’t waste their time learning and relearning the same things I did. I want to make sure they start ahead of where I started, so they can have a head start in tomorrow’s world.

Alex Leone, programmer and author of Coding Foundations
Programmer and Coding Foundations teacher, Alex Leone.

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Does your student thrive on one-on-one attention from their teachers? Do you want to invest in their future and make sure they learn the most useful parts of computer programming, the parts that never age or get out of date? If yes, then check out my online course Coding Foundations, which includes one-on-one support and feedback for every student. For only $200, you won’t find a better deal on a personalized computer programming course for your student.

What are people are saying about it?

My son enjoyed this class because he could choose how much he wanted to learn in it. He could do the basics, or go as deep as he wanted to go and keep learning. Mr. Leone was very nice and always ready to help get him to the next level or explain how to make things work the way he wanted them to.

Patricia, parent

This course was my first experience with programming, and I really enjoyed it. I learned how to design my own computer game. If I was confused about a concept, Mr. Leone was always willing to take the time to explain it in-depth until I understood it.

Tori, high school student

This is a great curriculum, I had a lot of fun learning from it.

Nathan, middle school student

What does Coding Foundations include?

  • A direct line to the teacher, for when your student has questions or a crazy idea they want to try
  • Scratch programming language
  • Over 40 video lessons—watch as often as you like
  • Advice for parents, on how best to support your student
  • Lifetime access
  • One semester‘s worth of material
  • Over 30 hand-crafted programming assignments—with personalized feedback on each one
  • Fundamental programming truths and secrets, to lay a solid foundation of learning for your student
Simple Scratch program with a dragon
Take your student from the bare-bones basics…
Tic Tac Toe game, made in Scratch
…to making complete programs all by themselves!

All for only $200. Buy it now, own it forever, start when your student is ready.

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