My son enjoyed [Coding Foundations] because he could choose how much he wanted to learn in it. He could do the basics, or go as deep as he wanted to go and keep learning. Mr. Leone was very nice and always ready to help get him to the next level or explain how to make things work the way he wanted them to.
Patricia, parent

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What students are saying:

This course was my first experience with programming, and I really enjoyed it. I learned how to design my own computer game. If I was confused about a concept, Mr. Leone was always willing to take the time to explain it in-depth until I understood it.
Tori, 18
This class was an extremely fun class to be in. It taught me the basics on coding language which can be used for multiple different jobs. I also learned what jobs I could go into with this knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend this class just for the experience if you are not looking into computer programming for your career. If you are though, this would be a great place to start!
Ally, 16
This is a great curriculum, I have had a lot of fun learning from it.
Nathan, 15