Free Resources

Give your student a free intro to coding!

  • Hour of Code™ (all ages)

    Not sure if your student is interested in computer programming? Go to the Hour of Code website with your student and pick an activity that looks cool to them! Each 1-hour self-guided, activity is designed to expose students to coding for the first time. Use the Hour of Code to gauge how interested your student is in computer programming.

  • (grades K-12)

    Introduce your student to computer science with’s free programming courses. Check out their K-5 courses to find exercises and videos for your elementary student, or check out their 6-12 courses for activities for your middle or high school student.

  • Scratch (grades 2+)

    Scratch is a fantastic first programming language. With a low barrier for entry, Scratch lets students get a program running on their computer right away! Use the online Scratch editor to create games or programs and share them with others online, or download the offline Scratch editor to program on your own computer without any internet access at all. The Coding Foundations curriculum uses the Scratch programming language to teach students how to think like professional programmers.

  • Scratch Jr. (grades PreK-1)

    Scratch Jr. is a programming language and mobile app based on the Scratch programming language above. Scratch Jr. allows younger students to experiment with computer programming and create their own programs on Android or iOS tablets.

The creator of Coding Foundations recommends these resources for you and your student.