Learn from 20 years of programming experience with instructor Alex Leone’s online course, Coding Foundations!

Alex Leone, instructor of Coding Foundations

Meet Instructor Alex Leone

Alex Leone (lee-oh-nee) graduated after 10 years of being homeschooled. At 13, his parents began to nurture and encourage his interest in computer programming.

He has worked as a professional software developer since 2012 and has built all kinds of computer programs.

In 2016, he returned to the homeschool co-ops he grew up attending, this time to teach computer programming classes. Coding Foundations was written in those classrooms.

Access Coding Foundations On Your Schedule

Take two months or two years to go through Coding Foundations, it’s up to you and your schedule. Everyone homeschools differently.

Coding Foundations includes over 40 videos and 120 hours of assignments for your student, developed by professional software developer Alex Leone.

Coding Foundations

Students programming computers together

Prepare your student to impact a computer-driven world.

Computers are everywhere, and, with advances in technology and automation, computers will only become more important. Computer programmers hold the keys to create the software that drives computers and dictates the future of technology.

Students and Parents are Saying:

If I was confused about a concept, Mr. Leone was always willing to take the time to explain it in-depth until I understood it.

Tori, 18

I HIGHLY recommend this class just for the experience [even] if you are not looking into computer programming for your career. If you are though, this would be a great place to start!

Ally, 16

My son enjoyed this class because he could choose how much he wanted to learn in it. He could do the basics, or go as deep as he wanted to go and keep learning.

Patricia, parent

This is a great curriculum, I have had a lot of fun learning from it.

Nathan, 15

What do you get with Coding Foundations?

Access Lessons Anytime

Learn on your schedule, at your own pace.

Enable Your Student’s Creativity

Students get the tools to build any program, not just a few step-by-step programs.

Get Help On Demand

Your student can message the instructor anytime, or ask other students for help.

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Don’t Know Whether or Not Your Student is Interested in Programming?

Use the free “Hour of Code” resource from to find out whether or not your student enjoys computer programming.